BGP Sessions

This page provides details on the BGP sessions we have with other networks on our several routers.

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Network Name State Imported Router Description
AS6939 AS6939_TRANSIT_V6 Established 69732 R1-FRA.DE AS6939 Transit Hurricane Electric
AS13335 AS13335_V6 Established 45 R1-FRA.DE CloudFlare
AS13335_V4 Established 301 R1-FRA.DE CloudFlare
AS31142 RS_KLEYREX_01_V6 Established 27891 R1-FRA.DE KleyReX Route Server
RS_KLEYREX_02_V6 Established 27891 R1-FRA.DE KleyReX Route Server
RS_KLEYREX_03_V6 Established 27891 R1-FRA.DE KleyReX Route Server
RS_KLEYREX_01_V4 Established 65767 R1-FRA.DE KleyReX Route Server
RS_KLEYREX_02_V4 Established 65528 R1-FRA.DE KleyReX Route Server
RS_KLEYREX_03_V4 Established 65356 R1-FRA.DE KleyReX Route Server
AS34549 AS34549_TRANSIT_V4 Established 49044 R1-FRA.DE AS34549 Transit Meerfarbig
AS34549_TRANSIT_V6 Established 70682 R1-FRA.DE AS34549 Transit Meerfarbig
AS44794 AS44794_V6 Established 4 R1-FRA.DE Lab06 Ltd
AS44794_V4 Established 2 R1-FRA.DE Lab06 Ltd
AS62078 AS62078_V6 Established 2 R1-FRA.DE Patrick Velder
AS202265 AS202265_V6 Established 12 R1-FRA.DE Smart Internet Solutions UG
AS202265_V4 Established 3 R1-FRA.DE Smart Internet Solutions UG
AS205593 AS205593_V6 Established 3 R1-FRA.DE Marek Krolikowski
AS206479 AS206479_V6 Established 322 R1-FRA.DE Jan-Philipp Benecke
AS206479_V4 Established 44 R1-FRA.DE Jan-Philipp Benecke
AS210311 AS210311_V6 Connect N/A R1-FRA.DE Siarhei Zharau